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Medicalization and pathologization: disentangling concepts, understanding contestations Session organizer(s): Sofia Aboim (PT), Pedro Vasconcelos (PT).

Medicalizing Masculinities Session organizer(s): Raffaella F Camoletto (IT).

Coping with the (bio)medicalization of birth and death: institutional practices, ethical-moral tensions and body governance

Session organizer(s): Catarina Delaunay (PT). Childbirth spatiality, reproductive citizenship, and the body Session organizer(s): Mário Santos (PT), Ekaterina Borozdina (RU).

Reprodoctive health through the life course

Session organizer(s): Karen Vanderlinden (BE).

Well-being, Technologies and Bodies: Theoretical Issues and Critical Perspectives Session organizer(s): Linda Lombi (IT), Antonio Maturo (IT).

Trust in Modern Medical Expertise: Old and New Challenges Session organizer(s): Tom Douglass (UK), Michael Calnan (UK).

Beyond socioeconomic status: Integrating intersectional approaches in health inequalities research Session organizer(s): Anna Gkiouleka (UK), Daniel La Parra (ES).

Education in the context of health inequalities: innovating theoretical approaches and empirical studies Session organizer(s): Katrijn Delaruelle (BE), Piet Bracke (BE).

Social inequality, work life balance and health Session organizer(s): Johanna Muckenhuber (AT), Hannah Volk (AT).

Does (un)employment make people sick? Session organizer(s): Małgorzata Mikucka (DE); Oliver A Becker (DE).

Capitals and health inequalities: exploring the interconnectedness of material and non-material resources for health Session organizer(s): Gerry Veenstra (CA); Thomas Abel (CH).

What role for medical doctors in health system reforms: looking for differences and similarities across countries

Session organizer(s): Jean-Louis Denis (CA), Tiago Correia (PT).

Navigating complex contemporary healthcare systems –roles and responsibilities in an age of choice Session organizer(s): Karen Willis (AU), Marit Solbjør (NO).

Health, Policy, Access to Health Services for Migrants, Refugees, Asylum Seekers. What are the Challenges for Europe? Session organizer(s): Lia Lombardi (IT).

Healthcare access and international migration: rethinking health protection in Europe Session organizer(s): Joana Zózimo (PT), Carlo Botrugno (IT).

HIV/AIDS policy worlds in Europe: transdisciplinary perspectives on activism, citizenship and health Session organizer(s): Agata Dziuban (PL), Todd Sekuler (DE).

Organized Patient Participation in Health Care: Collective Advocacy and Representation Session organizer(s): Silke Schicktanz (DE), Aviad Raz (IL).

Online health communities as new venues of healthcare tensions and paradoxes Session organizer(s): Gregor Petrič (SL), Sara Atanasova (SL).

Gender in Prevention: Beyond the Obvious Session organizer(s): Géraldine Bloy (FR).

Negotiating the self-management imperative –transforming policy, practice and the lived experience of long term conditions Session organizer(s): Lorraine Smith (AU), Sophie Lewis (AU).

Informal caregiving: causes and consequences from several perspectives Session organizer(s): Ellen Verbakel (NL).

In between Medical Humanities and Narrative Medicine: Old Tensions, Emerging Paradoxes in Health

Session organizer(s): Isabel Fernandes (PT), Alda Maria Correia (PT).

Open Call on Old Tensions, Emerging Paradoxes in Health

Session organizer(s): Fátima Alves (PT), Ana Mendonça (PT).

Note 1: session organizers are the only responsible of the content of their sessions and biographical notes.

Note 2: session organizers were allowed to present their sessions in either US or UK English given the diversity of their geographical origin.


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